21 Days to Discover your Best Physical Self

Day Six: Create your Foundation

Week One, Day Six: Power Up Nutritional Tools

By powering up we are going to add foods in to your life instead of take any out at first. In this way we tend to eliminate hunger and cravings in the long run. Most people tend to be under-eating critical macro and micro nutrients in my clinical experience so this is really the best place to start. Cravings tend to fall away when the body gets the nutrients it really needs.

Daily Hydration Focus For Your Entire Program:

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger and creates a lot of cravings. I do not recommend drinking more than 64 oz per day for most people however, no matter their weight. Please drink at least that amount and not too much over for the purposes or this program.Hydration is critical for every body function and especially for the cells to release toxicity. Clearing out toxins is a part of the 21 day program, except without the use of supplements but through food alone. The combined approach should leave leave you feeling like new!

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Of course not all water is made equal and in a perfect world you would drink the following water:

  • alkaline water
  • not chlorinated or fluorinated
  • filtered properly to remove the above but also mineralized
  • not from plastic containers of any kind (even BPA free)

Foods to add in every day this week:Protein and green vegetablesHow to implement this strategy:It is very critical to add the right amount of protein in at every meal this week to ease hunger signals and heal metabolism. You can eat as many green or non starchy root vegetables as you would like on this program. There is no limit for them.Please do the following for protein:

  • Eat protein at breakfast within a half hour of waking, even if you are not hungry. You will re-set your hunger signals and heal metabolism over time changing the timing of what you eat and amounts of protein eaten.
  • Eat between 15 and 20 grams of protein- I recommend animal proteins for best results- at each meal this week. This is actually a very small portion size by volume if you look at amounts. I recommend getting very familiar with portion sizes so you can know how much you are eating. Not all proteins are created equal. Salmon and steak for example are both very different in grams of protein for the same portion size by volume.
  • Do not substitute vegetarian protein options for animal protein- it simply will not work the same for this and there are many reasons for this. Animal proteins are pure protein and not mixed with carbohydrate. We are wanting pure protein and I find soy not to be a good option for too many people. This will be explained later in week two.
  • Eat meals within 4 1/2 to 5 hours of each other max- DO NOT skip meals ever for any reason to heal metabolism and cravings.
  • Eat a very small snack between breakfast and lunch if you need it (if you do not experience any hunger between meals, don’t snack) of any protein you would like from nuts and seeds, cottage cheese, cheese, a hard boiled egg or sliced meats. The snack will be approximately 4 grams protein if possible. This is only a few nuts, small portion of cottage cheese, one or two slices of turkey, etc. It’s just to keep metabolism revved up.

For the greens do the following:

  • Be sure to have a juicer at hand for taking in the most greens possible and the most micro nutrients and minerals that you can. My favorite affordable and easy to use juicer is still the Jack La Lanne juicer. If you don’t have a juicer, I highly recommend getting one now to change your life. It is the least expensive thing to do to get the biggest result possible.
  • For vegetables given as examples to have with a meal- eat as much as you like. There is no limit on the vegetables.
  • Drink two 12 to 16 ounce green drinks per day. You can drink one early in the day and one with dinner. Great recipe for green drinks includes:
    • apple
    • celery
    • cucumber
    • kale- only use one to two leaves unless you are really into it. A little goes a long way with kale
    • chard- same instructions as kale
    • carrot
    • beet- just use a small portion of a few chopped cubes- your choice
    • lemon- use half of one lemon for best results

Basic green drink recipe: (adjust as desired)1/2 apple2- 4 stalks celery1/2 of one medium sized cucumber or one whole smaller sized cucumber with skin on, organic1 leaf kale washed thoroughly1 carrot2 chopped cubes of beet (not even 1/4 cup)1/2 of one lemon, skin on, organicSample Menu For Day SixBreakfast1 Large slice frittata1/4 cup cooked oats with 1 tsp butter12-16 oz Green DrinkLunchLarge bowl of bean and vegetable soup with shredded cheddar cheese and cilantroDinner4 medium seared scallopsChinese broccoli braised in wine and garlic1/2 Jasmine rice with basil12-16 oz green drinkWeek One, Day Six: Power Up Inspirational ToolJust for today, let your focus be on the following affirmative statement:I am gratefuleat-like-a-goddess-quote-self-loveLet your focus take you into this thought all day today and spend at least 10 minutes entirely focused to this thought through sitting in a peaceful place and taking time to yourself. I am going to recommend putting your hands at your heart and taking a few slow deep breaths as you repeat this affirmation. Feel yourself grounded to the earth, while also opening to guidance from above and imagine bringing a powerful healing pink and gold light in from the top of your head through every cell of your body as you sit in this meditation.MeridiansMeridians are mapped throughout our bodies and have powerful emotional healing potential. For the purposes of this course I would like to introduce the collar bone point to use for these affirmations.The point just a few inches down toward your chest and out toward your shoulders on either side of the body is what is termed “the collar bone” point in Emotional Freedom Techniques. This is also the acupuncture point of k22.This point has a few great purposes. One is to get our energy moving “forward” if you will or work with energy reversals. We can get reversed for many reasons and it is pretty common.Tap with your fingertips or rub this spot as you say this affirmation for as many minutes and up to 10 minutes per day to really let it sink in and take hold.This meditation is critical because often we focus on what we don’t want especially when it comes to our health and a focus on the opposite- gratitude automatically ends negativity. This in turns supports motivation to stick to our goals.Week One, Day Six: Power Up Clearing ToolWhat clutter in your kitchen environment would you like to let go of?You probably think I’m trying to drive you crazy by now but one thing I’ve noticed as a chef and nutritionist over the years being in people’s kitchens: they are a mess. The first thing we chefs do is create our space. You have to have everything where you need it to really eat well and to eat well, you have to do a little cooking sometimes. I understand if you do not like to cook, you don’t need to do much to do this course really. But the more the better and clearing out the kitchen is just critical to getting inspired with cooking and eating well. So pick one more area you can de-clutter today in your kitchen. I spent an hour cleaning up my silverware drawer a while back and it was amazing. (Unfortunately that part of my kitchen had been in total disarray- the drawer was just too big so I let it get crazy in there.)Pick one more thing to de-clutter from your kitchen environment today.

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