About me

I am an entrepreneur who has created multiple wellness brands in women’s health, wealth & wellbeing space. I believe that real health starts with building strong networks, and I am steadfast in my commitment to deepening community connection. An advocate for a joyful & sustainable life in all areas of health, relationships, spirituality, and creating wealth that are often put on the side burner of your career leaving little left for living your Best Life.  

I have spent the last 25 years committed to the well-being of women as they are the movers, groovers and pathway to a stronger future for all, and feel strongly that better understanding the balance between self and service is where the healing and true abundance begins. 

I currently coach women executives and leaders through expansive personal and professional exploration related to legacy and impact. To explore and create connection around degrees of agency and value. Though your Discovery program I will help create personalized life-systems that allow for better health and more freedom to enjoy a both fulfilling and wealthy life.  I look forward to empowering you.