Why me, why now

As a wife, mom, and woman who finds true Joy in helping others, I am a visionary & passionate mentor. Over the years I’ve used the stories of hundreds before you to create successful support systems around women’s well-being and I bring this Women’s Discovery to all who are curious at heart about themselves.

I believe that the journey we take is etched from our experiences and builds in layers, so it feels only natural to get out the map from time to time to see if we’re still on the road we choose.

Through my own struggles, it has inspired me to spend the last 25 years committed to helping other women feel alive and in alignment with the path they’re on. I have become deeply involved in building community, and the tribe, to provide a support system that is meaningful and true to all.

If you have never worked with a mentor before, I guide incredible women just like you to the things you’ve been wanting that may seem out of reach. I assure you they are not. Whichever Discovery you choose, I will show you how to create the path to the things you’ve always wanted but may have forgotten how or why.  I look forward to opening doors together.


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