21 Days to Success ~ Day 3

Day Three: Affirmation, you are Deserving.

Focus on nutrients, consistency, water/hydrate, quality protein 20-30g at each main meal within 4-6 hrs of each other, unlimited non-starchy veggies (at least 3 times a day), do not skip meals, pick a small snack between meals if you’re hungry & when you’re active.

Example Menu – Day 3


3-4 oz lean meat of choice, 1/2 sweet potato cubed for hash, unlimited non-starchy vegetable, 1 tsp organic stick butter


Tuna Salad (1/2- 1 cup portion approximately depending on how much onion and celery you like to add, use plain greek yogurt to bind.), Romaine salad with your choice of chopped vegetables, nuts and seeds, and avocado.


3-4 oz Steak with marinade of your choiceArtichoke, whole steamed. If you don’t have time or cannot find them, you can substitute with jarred artichoke hearts. This is a wonderful food for your liver and highly recommended.1/2 baked sweet potato with butter and seasonings of your choice

Example Protein Snacks – choose 1 between meals if needed

1 scoop organic whey protein like IsaLean or Amped low carb protein (blend with water or 1/4 cup unsweetened almond or cashew milk + water)

100 cal nuts

100 cal Harvest thins or Snack Bite + 12-16 oz green drink

1 Kombucha

Recommended Supplements

Up to 2 servings organic greens powder per day (mixed with water or sprinkled on foods)

Daily vitamins (including addtl D3)

3-5g Omega Fish oil per day

Click here for my comprehensive vitamin preference

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Click here for organic raw, whole food whey Isalean protein powder that tastes as good as it is!

Click here for AMPED organic, low carb protein (chocolate milk flavor is my go to)