21 Day Her Beautiful Body ~ Day 1

The Adding Mindset

Adding vs taking away is your SUCCESS mantra!

Cravings tend to fall away when the body gets the nutrients it really needs. To eliminate hunger and cravings, we are adding critical macro and micro-nutrients that you may not be getting enough of.


Every day, drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger. I do not recommend drinking more than 64 oz per day for most people however, no matter their weight.

Hydration is critical for every body function and especially for the cells to release toxins.

Foods to add in every day this week: Protein and green vegetables

It’s critical to add the right amount of protein in at every meal this week to ease hunger signals and heal metabolism. You can eat as many green or non-starchy vegetables as you would like as there is no limit on them.


  • Eat protein at breakfast within a half hour of waking, even if you are not hungry. You will re-set your hunger signals and heal metabolism over time changing the timing of what you eat and amounts of protein eaten.
  • Eat between 20 and 30 grams of protein at your 3 main meals – Unless you have strict religious beliefs or intolerances, this first week I recommend lean chicken, turkey, venison, fish, organic dairy or whey, or eggs. This is actually a very small portion size by volume if you look at amounts. I recommend getting very familiar with portion sizes so you can know how much you are eating.
  • Do not substitute vegetarian protein options for animal protein- it simply will not work the same for this and there are many reasons for this. Animal proteins are pure protein and not mixed with carbohydrate. We are wanting pure protein. Soy is not a good option and will be explained later in week two.
  • Eat meals within 4 to 6 hours of each other max- DO NOT skip meals ever for any reason to heal metabolism and cravings. Example – 8am breakfast, 1pm lunch, 6-7pm dinner. If you’re very active, you will need a small snack between (see below).
  • Eat a small protein snack between breakfast/lunch/dinner if you need it of any protein to keep metabolism revved up. (if you do not experience any hunger between meals, don’t snack)

Example Menu – Day One


2-3 eggs any style

Non-starchy vegetables (as much as you want)

1/4 cup dry oats = 1/2 cup cooked oats (non-sweetened kind)


4oz Chicken breast (grilled, baked, air fry, instapot)

1 1/2 Cups garbanzo bean salad with feta, mint and basil, cucumber, celery and olives. Just mix all ingredients to your liking and add any vinaigrette you enjoy. You can add lettuces to this as well, or just keep it as a simple bean salad.


Roast salmon, a 4 oz portion. 4 oz may feel small to most people, so eat what you are hungry for. If you are full on a small portion that is fine. If you need more, eat more. Protein is what makes beautiful healthy cells & lean bodies. Prepare it how you enjoy with pesto, spice rubs, or keep it simple with herbs, olive oil and organic butter.

Broccoli with lemon and 1 tsp organic butter (again, eat as much broccoli as you like)

1 cup brown rice with herbs. You can make your own brown rice or buy cooked frozen brown rice at Trader Joes and add vegetables of your choosing or herbs to the mix. Consider making a large enough batch for a few meals in advance

Example Protein Snacks – as needed

1 scoop organic whey protein

100 cal nuts

100 cal Harvest thins or Snack Bite + 12-16 oz green drink

1 Kombucha

Recommended Supplements

Up to 2 servings organic greens powder per day (mixed with water or sprinkled on foods)

Daily vitamins (including addtl D3)

3-5g Omega Fish oil per day

Click here for my comprehensive vitamin preference

Click here for organic greens I use

Click here for organic raw, whole food whey Isalean protein powder that tastes as good as it is!

Click here for AMPED organic, low carb protein (chocolate milk flavor is my go to)

Day One: Mindset

Just for today, let your focus be on the following affirmative statement:

I am and I can.

Let your focus take you into this thought all day today and I recommend letting your bare feet touch the ground outside today, if just for a few minutes. Feel yourself connected to the earth, while also opening to guidance from above and imagine bringing a powerful healing light in from the top of your head through every cell of your body as you say I AM and I CAN.


Meridians are mapped throughout our bodies and have powerful emotional healing potential. For the purposes of this course I would like to introduce the collar bone point to use for these affirmations.

The point just a few inches down toward your chest and out toward your shoulders on either side of the body is what is termed “the collar bone” point in Emotional Freedom Techniques. This is also the acupuncture point of k22.

This point has a few great purposes. One is to get our energy moving “forward” if you will or work with energy reversals. We can get reversed for many reasons and it is pretty common.

Tap with your fingertips or rub this spot as you say this affirmation.

This meditation is critical as in order to do anything good and transformational for ourselves we must feel we matter and that we are important enough to do it.

Day One: Clearing Tool

What are able to let go of today? I recommend this as an on-going practice but for today especially, think about what you are really and truly willing to let go of forever now.

Some possible examples:

Not speaking up when you really need to or communicating clearly with people who are important to you.

Saying no when you mean no. Making your “yeses” much more genuine instead of being a people pleaser for free of losing someone’s affection or regard.

Putting too many things in your schedule and staying overly booked and therefore stressed out and overwhelmed. Many times this is simply a choice. What can you let go of? What are you willing to let go of?

Gossip and talking negatively about others.

Having a negative outlook and focus and “sarcasm.”

Not putting your needs- your most important needs- first.

We can also choose to work on letting go of past disappointments, hurts, resentments, beliefs, etc.