Beyond i do.

In sickness & in Health (out-running heart disease our own way).

1999 was the year Life changed and Cardiac Conan became a thing. Our age difference of 23 yrs. Jerry’s strong genetic history of heart disease. First heart attack at 39. Second just before our marriage. Not knowing what was ahead …

Our vision was QOL over just Life. To be able to enjoy the best of each other for as long as possible, so we had the conversation. Made the commitment to “avoid sickness”. And went to work every day to make it reality. We did it for ourselves and unequivocally for each other.

With 4 following heart events, we took on a 30 yr battle of traditional medicine in lieu of Natural alternatives & prevention for both of us. It’s been a RIDE … but with an incredible STORY of fear, belief, commitment, and success. Jerry just set a World Record in Kettlebell Sport this year at age 80!

We hope any fam or couple with mutual goals will benefit from our experiences … To us, Health is the most valuable gift we have ever given to each other! We still live it 10,950 days later and going strong.

PS – Weve asked hundreds of couples what they want. We are all the same, yet with subtle differences. ~ We just want to enjoy quality of Life for as long as possible… for and with each other.

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